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Located at the low-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum, RF energy is a type of non-ionizing radiation. It does not have enough energy to move an electron inside an atom or molecule. RF energy is considered non-ionizing and falls between 10 kHz and 300 GHz.

EMF Radiation

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Low levels of RF radiation is generally considered safe when encountered within limits set by the Federal Communications Commission, WHO, and other scientific bodies. These limits are at levels much lower than those that could produce significant tissue heating. At these levels there is no credible evidence for other harmful biological effects. Spaces and devices accessible to the public are required to be free of hazards and dangerous levels of RF energy. 

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Cellphone radiation doesn’t harm humans and there is no evidence to support a credible link between wireless devices and cancer. The RF emitted from our cell phones is not the same as the ionizing radiation released by X-Rays and nuclear fallout. Cellphone radiation is non-ionizing and much lower in frequency and energy. It only heats tissue and cannot cause the same human cell damage as ionizing radiation which can lead to cancer.

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RF is fast! Traveling at the speed of light, RF waves travel approximately at 186,000 miles per second.

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