Back Safety and Injury Prevention

There’s a very good reason to have the back of your workforce by giving them the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid injuries, and training them in safe lifting techniques.

What does this course cover?

  • Recognize how practicing good posture, improving your work area conditions and working ergonomically will protect and strengthen your back.

  • Identify how a healthy lifestyle, and improving your strength and flexibility, can protect you from work-related back injuries.

  • Describe specific actions you can take to prevent work-related back injuries when moving or lifting materials.

What are the course takeaways?

  • Knowledge of back safety and injury prevention methods.

  • Certificate of Completion (immediately available for download and/or print).

  • Examination record available for employer.

Regulations – 

  • Back Injury Prevention Training Guide, OSHA, 2009

  • Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs), Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, January 2014

  • The 5 Top Stretches to Minimize Back Pain, Athletico Physical Therapy, March 2012

  • Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Materials Handling, Cal/OSHA, 2007

  • Ten Ways to Keep a Healthy Back, American Council on Exercise, May 2005

  • Ergonomics eTool, Solutions for Electrical Contractors, 7/2003

  • Lifting and Materials Handling, University of North Carolina, Department of Environment, Health and Safety, 1999

  • Top-10-Most-Common-Workplace-Injuries, Arbill, 2017

Duration: 20 Minutes
Language: English
Price: $45

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