Emergency and Fire Safety Preparedness

Working safely and following proper procedures for emergency preparedness can prevent many emergency situations. However, some emergencies are out of your control.

What does this course cover?

  • Identify dangers associated with fire and other emergencies.

  • Recall requirements for emergency action and fire prevention plans.

  • Recognize housekeeping guidelines for fire prevention.

  • Recall the importance of emergency exits and identify their components.

  • Recognize actions to take in response to emergency alarms.

What are the course takeaways?

  • Knowledge of fire dangers, emergency situations, appropriate procedures and emergency prepardness.

  • Certificate of Completion (immediately available for download and/or print).

  • Examination record available for employer.

Regulations – 

  • 29 CFR Part 1910, Subpart L: Fire Protection

  • 29 CFR Part 1926.35: Emergency Action Plans

  • 29 CFR Part 1910.36: Exit Route Design and Construction

  • 29 CFR Part 1910.37: Maintenance, Safeguards, and Operational Features for Exit Routes

  • 29 CFR Part 1910.38: Emergency Action Plans

  • 29 CFR Part 1910.39: Fire Prevention Plans

  • 29 CFR Part 1910.165: Employee Alarm System

Duration: 25 Minutes
Languages: English
Price: $45

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