Formaldehyde Safety

Internationally, over 46 billion pounds of formaldehyde are produced each year. As a medical preservative and sterilizing agent, the stuff is everywhere so the risk of exposure is more prevalent than ever before. When working in an area where formaldehyde exposure is high,  it is important to know appropriate safety procedures to minimize your and your employees exposure.

What does this course cover?

  • Describe formaldehyde’s physical properties.

  • List products that contain formaldehyde.

  • List the routes of exposure for formaldehyde, and describe the health effects of short- and long-term exposure.

  • Explain why you should not rely on your senses to alert you to the presence of formaldehyde.

  • Define permissible exposure limit (PEL), action level, and short term exposure limit (STEL), and explain how these are used in the monitoring process.

  • List the controls that workers use to protect themselves from hazardous contact with formaldehyde.

  • Describe the best work practices that help keep workers safe when handling formaldehyde.

  • List first aid procedures for the various types of formaldehyde exposures.

What are the course takeaways?

  • Knowledge of formaldehyde safety.

  • Certificate of Completion (immediately available for download and/or print).

  • Examination record available for employer.

Regulations – 

  • 29 CFR 1910.1048 (n) Formaldehyde

Duration: 10 Minutes
Language: English
Price: $45

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