Ladder Safety

As simple as using a ladder seems to be, the injury statistics indicate that it is one of the most abused tools we have. Accidents, particularly in the domestic setting, are frequently caused by overreaching or overextending from ladders to complete certain tasks, rather than doing the safe thing—climbing down and moving to a better access point. OSHA studies have shown that 100% of ladder related accidents could have been prevented using proper safety.

What does this course cover?

  • Identify common ladder types used in industry.

  • Recognize common hazards associated with ladder use.

  • Recall requirements and best practices for ladder safety.

What are the course takeaways?

  • Knowledge of ladder types, hazards, usage and safety practices.

  • Certificate of Completion (immediately available for download and/or print).

  • Examination record available for employer.

Regulations – 

  • Subpart D of 29 CFR 1910 (1910.21 – 1910.30)–Walking Working Surfaces

Duration: 16 Minutes
Language: English
Price: $45

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